Mandalevy Designs® was funded in Los Angeles by Israel born designer Bar Mandalevy. We are designing and manufacturing unique leather jewelry for men & women.  We sell three types of leather bracelets: Leather cuffs, charm bracelets and wrap bracelets. In addition, we hold a bold approach to craftsmanship and we only use highest-quality leather for our entire leather bracelets collection. In other words, we focus on quality.
We been a player in the Los Angeles leather jewelry market since 2011, in other words – we will be here years to come.  Actors, Musicians and stylists in Los Angeles have been wearing our leather bracelets for many for years.  Our leather jewelry are in high demand by people who seeks stylish locally-made accessories from high-quality leather.
We are producing our entire collection of leather bracelets in Los Angeles and we’re using natural raw materials, as leather, hemp, brass, gemstones and beads. we have been selling at some of the largest shows and music festivals in California for many years, however – now we arrived to your computer screen – for easy ordering.
Now it’s possible to shop online and get our bracelets delivered right to your door. In addition, we also offer free domestic shipping and worry-free returns, so you can start shopping with confidence and receive your order quickly.
We are accepting all major credit cards. In addition, we also started accepting cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.  As a cut-age company we like stay with the current innovative technology.
At this time, we only shipping to the following countries: United States, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland & United Kingdom. USA Shipping is free, but we are charging a fee for international shipping. In the future we might expend our shipping policy to include other countries.  However, if you really need our bracelets are living in a different country than the above list – contact us and we’ll try to make an exemption.
In conclusion, you’re in the right place – so what are you waiting for? Start shopping for leather cuffs, charm bracelets or wrap bracelets now. Or check out our necklaces and bags. Any other questions? check our Frequently Asked Questions page, or Contact us.
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