March 22, 2023

From Runways to Streets: The Hottest Leather Accessories Trends for 2023 Fashion Season

Leather accessories have always been a timeless trend in the fashion industry, and 2023 is no different. From high-end runways to the streets, leather accessories are [
October 6, 2020

Mens Fashion Tips

Id greatly suggest understanding the principles of mens style and put this understanding to some permanent mens style. There wouldnt be anymore worry about following trends, [
October 6, 2020

Information About Buying Gemstone Jewelry and Tips

Gemstone Jewelry is a wonderful gift, theres so many different stones that symbolize different things. Amber is currently often classified as a gemstone in precisely the [
October 4, 2020

Sandals Shopping Tips for Women

Looking for glam sandals or shoes with an easy match? You wont fail with womens sandals fashioned womens sandals with a dedication to excellence. They are [
December 30, 2019

Wearing Accessories for a Job Interview

Youve got an interview congratulations. Determine what how to accessorize with jewelry and to wear. The advice for job seekers, if its your step on your [
December 29, 2019

Survive Valentines Day ? Manual for Men

At this point, most men over the age of sixteen have discovered that Valentines Day is a present giving minefield. From the moment you see the [
December 28, 2019

The Tree of Life

The tree of life isthis highly philosophical film by acclaimed director Terrence Malick. Does that make it a movie that is spiritual, although religion is a [
December 27, 2019

Leather Accessories Trends

If youre fashionably inclined, you probably wouldnt be pleased with only wearing fashionable clothes. This would include fashion accessories supplement and to decorate your own clothing. [
December 26, 2019

Leather Watch Cuffs ? Hot Trend

When we want to know what time it is, most of us take a quick look at our smartphones instead of a watch. However, the wristwatch [
December 25, 2019

Leather Charm Bracelets ? A Perfect Gift

Charm bracelets have been in existence for centuries and have been utilized during the years for several functions. The uses of charms have been as a [
December 24, 2019

How to Remove Tarnish From Stainless Steel Jewelry

People who own stainless steel jewelry might be surprise to find that their favorite bracelet got tarnished. Stainless steel can get tarnished when exposed to wet [
December 19, 2019

Top 5 Handmade Leather Guitar Straps

Leather Guitar Straps ? Top 5 ? Shopping Guide: Its important to know, when shopping for a leather guitar strap you must verify that its real [
December 18, 2019

Evolution of the Guitar Strap

Guitar Straps ? Past and Present Guitars have made in a vast array of configurations through the years. And probably just as fast as an array [
December 15, 2019

Charm Bracelets ? History to Modern

Charm Bracelets in History: Many who are considering animal skin charm bracelets a contemporary trend. However in truth they been in our history for thousands of [
December 15, 2019

Fringe Purses ? Love It or Hate It

Fringe Fashion is Here to Stay: Whether if its your factor or not, fringe purses ar here to remain. Started over 5000 years agone, the trend [
December 14, 2019

Bamboo Bag ? A Fad or Here to Stay

Recently weve seen a lot of celebrities wearing a bamboo hand bag. All around the US people were wondering where did this fashion trend came from. [
December 14, 2019

Leather Jewelry Maintenance ? Dos & Donts

I often get asked the question; howdo I maintain my leather bracelets so they can last forever? How do I clean my leather cuff? What to [
December 8, 2019

Leather Bracelets for Stylish Men

Leather Bracelets ? Approved for Men Many men feel hesitant to wear jewelry, but dont forget that theres always a stylish way to accessorize with leather [