Bamboo Bag – A Fad or Here to Stay

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Bamboo Bag – A Fad or Here to Stay

Bamboo Bag

Recently we’ve seen a lot of celebrities wearing a bamboo hand bag.  All around the US people were wondering where did this fashion trend came from. Originally made in Japan in the 1930s, this hand bag was made by Japanese wives to their husbands who were working in the fishing boats – from sunrise till sunset.  That’s right, it started last century as a man purse and got the nickname of “Japanese Picnic Bag”.

Fishermen use to carry their lunch in it when they were working in the fishing boats, at it was a very popular choice for them because it was very light weight and durable.

In the last few years we started seeing this bag worn by celebrities in Los Angeles and it quickly became a trend again. Many different manufacturers started reproducing this vintage bamboo bag since it’s such in high demand.  We also sell this bamboo handbag, for a very reasonable price and for the best quality – and you can find it in our online store!

In conclusion, this bamboo bag has been in the fashion world for over 80 years and it’s definitely here to stay.  Whether its a picnic or a day in the beach, or a casual day in town you can’t go wrong with this bamboo handbag.  It won’t get dirty or break and it won’t get full of sand when spending a day in the beach – definitely a must have in any woman’s closet.

While many designers and manufacturers have their own production of this purse – our is definitely the highest quality I’ve seen. So order your Japanese picnic bag and get it fast to your door with free shipping.

We have this bamboo bag in square design , round design and we even have it in green!


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