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December 26, 2019
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Leather Accessories Trends

Mandalevy Designs Wrap Bracelet

If you’re fashionably inclined, you probably wouldn’t be pleased with only wearing fashionable clothes. This would include fashion accessories supplement and to decorate your own clothing. The outfit can be enhanced by accessorizing with the addition of style, color and class. Even though there are also numerous reasons or purposes for utilizing these accessories. Handbags are also for carrying personal items such as wallet, keys, tissues, cosmetics, hairbrush, cellphones and other personal items such as feminine hygiene products, etc. While hats are worn to defend our face against gloves and weather components are for keeping the hands warm.

On the flip side, accessories used and are worn as external symbols of cultural or spiritual affiliations. There are crucifixes, Jewish Star of David charms, Islamic headscarves, skullcaps and turbans are common samples of religious accessories. While accessories are labeled by designer may indicate the wearer’s status. Clothing design organizations are those producing a range of the accessories. Additionally, there are people who make their brand as they create and design their own labels. Where the forecast on the fashion trends are forecast as each year begins the significance of accessories in the style industry starts. 2020, for this year, the Spring style is believed to be an ideal chance for having fun.

The adorned and decorated look is bound to make its way. The trend for sneakers will be in fashions that are fascinating with straps, together with embellishment types such as chains, beads and studs. Platforms and decorated flip flops are going to be popular, as well as snakes and leopards animal prints. Handbags with printed messages or a simple graphic designs are also part of the trend which contain humour, meaningful message, or cute connotations. Animal prints and adornments like tassels, chains, studs, beads along with other dangling as a feature on purses is also part of the forecast. The shapes and types of bags that’ll create their way this season are clutches, hobos and straw purses with touches of skin and contrasting colors.

Leather jewelry for the spring 2020 is sure to be used and highlighted. There’ll be bracelets of multiple layers – as twisted wrap bracelets. Also leather cuffs and beaded bracelets are hot in style. Chandelier earrings are going to make a comeback. Also watches cuffs will be made with different layers of mixed fabrications like chain with leather – the 1970s style is back to fashion this year.  Sun glasses which are going to be popular this spring 2020 season may have thick white acetate frames.

We sell varieties of leather cuffs, beaded charm bracelets and wrap bracelets.  We also sell few different styles of wide leather watch cuffs.


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