Leather Jewelry Maintenance – Do’s & Don’ts

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Leather Jewelry Maintenance – Do’s & Don’ts

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I often get asked the question; how do I maintain my leather bracelets so they can last forever? How do I clean my leather cuff? What to avoid? How about getting it wet? Could I shower with it? Could I dry it using a hairdryer?

That’s true that leather bracelets are not only an excellent addition to dressing, but they are also very long lasting. And the older they gets – the more character they get and the better they looks. However, you do have to know what to avoid with leather jewelry, so they can truly be long lasting.

Avoid Salt Water:

Avoid getting your leather bracelet in contact the beach or ocean’s water. Beach sand and the ocean (obviously) contains salt which dries the leather from its oil and deeply damages it.

Don’t just leave it wet:

Try the best not to get it wet, but if it does get a little wet it’s fine as long as you put it to dry. But absolutely – remove your leather bracelet when you shower!

However, don’t leave it to dry by the radiator or heater or hairdryer – the excessive heat could damage the leather. Its the best to leave it to dry by the window in a nice warm day, the sun is the best and safest way to dry.

So how do you clean your leather cuff bracelets:

Do not use any cleaning detergents or soaps as they will strip the leather’s essential nutritions and oils. Cleaning detergents will cause leather to crack and lose its look. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and distilled water, but don’t scrub so you don’t remove the finishes of the leather – that’s the only and best way to clean leather.

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