Leather Watch Cuffs – Hot Trend

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Leather Watch Cuffs – Hot Trend

Wide Watch Cuff

When we want to know what time it is, most of us take a quick look at our smartphones instead of a watch. However, the wristwatch isn’t going anywhere, because watches aren’t just functional — they’re also fashionable. Whether it’s a piece you wear every day or something you only bring out for special occasions, it’s something every man should have in his wardrobe.

Leather watch cuffs really came into their own in the 1970s. A perfect wrist accessory to complement the tall boots and leather jackets that were all the rage. Elvis wore a leather watch cuff. So did Miles Davis and Nina Rindt with a wide leather watch cuff.

The watch strap plays a main role in a watch’s overall look — that’s why we’re focusing on that particular piece. This particular trend of wide watch band is coming back big-time in 2020. Not at all only as punk-rock accessories.

You might want a watch cuff to replace the worn-out strap of your favorite wristwatch, or upgrade it to a nicer strap. There are some really nice after-market leather watch cuffs that would fit any watch and really up your look.

What type of leather watch cuff to wear will depend on the outfits you’re usually wearing. If you’re in a suit and tie to work on the regular, something thinner would be a good fit. Unless you’re already have a very strong reputation and can push the boundaries a little.

If your wardrobe is more casual you’re probably going to want a wider leather watch cuff a natural look. Some leather watch cuffs adjustable with snaps, however we prefer that they adjustable with straps and that’s how we design and manufacture ours. We have varieties of leather watch cuffs and we are sure you’ll find a good match.

Feel free to browse our store for leather cuffs, we have a lot of leather cuffs for sale and we also have some leather watch cuffs so take your time and find the style you like and feel free to contact us with any questions.


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