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The Tree of Life

tree of life charm

The tree of life is this highly philosophical film by acclaimed director Terrence Malick. Does that make it a movie that is spiritual, although religion is a thematic component in the Tree of Life?  The title of The Tree of life’s taken straight from the Hebrew Bible. The movie “The Tree of Life” opens with a quote and God is often talked to by its characters. All evidence points being a movie in the sense that it draws on influences that are spiritual to tell its story.

However the movie “The Tree of Life” does not push a specific religious message. The Tree of Life has a unique appreciation for mathematics as it relates to faith, and faith as it relates to science. What one might think of a religious film usually tends to shy away from all of these things. Patton Dodd on says, The Tree of Lifes beginning-of the planet arrangement places its fundamental subjects into a cosmic history. The tree of life has lots of branches. Something distinctively uniquely biblical about the urge to tell the story of a household that places that household inside a mythological framework to Matters.

The film’s final minutes encourage a lot of debate about its intents that are own Christian, since the arrangement entails the characters in a setting. Whether Malick really is representing paradise or just metaphorically closing the movie’s arc, however, is up for debate – and probably unanswerable. As Matt Zoller Seitz noted on-line, referencing a series of articles in regards to the films Christianity, The Tree of life’s more concerned with creating something which may spawn an internal dialogue inside the viewer.

The tree of life symbol, originally from the Hebrew bible, exists in all religions.  We sell tree of life necklaces, the pedant is made from wire copper work, with gemstones beaded into the copper wire.  All our necklaces are adjustable with a slip-knot so you can adjust the length and wear it shorter or longer.


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