Top 5 Handmade Leather Guitar Straps

Mandalevy Designs Leather Guitar Strap
Evolution of the Guitar Strap
December 18, 2019
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Top 5 Handmade Leather Guitar Straps


Leather Guitar Straps – Top 5 – Shopping Guide:

It’s important to know, when shopping for a leather guitar strap you must verify that it’s real leather.  Many companies say their straps are leather, but they name them as “veggie leather strap” or “PU leather strap” – these are not leather and will not last a long time.  Also fake leather after awhile will start smelling bad and crack.  Avoid “veggie” leather at all cost when shopping for leather products.

In previous post I wrote about the evolution of the guitar strap in American history. In this post I’d like to recommend my favorite top 5 handmade real leather guitar straps:

1) Leather Dragon Scales Guitar Strap – Price $850

Handmade from real leather very beautiful strap, you can select a color and have it made by the length of your current strap.


2) 2.5″ Wide, Hand Carved, Leather Guitar Strap  – Price $440

Cut from a 10-11 oz leather. The floral carving pattern is a composite of Chan Geer’s Sheridan Style patterns 1 3/4″-1 & 1 3/4″-2 modified to fill out a 2.5″ width.  The strap is sized to 53.5″ and is adjustable from 50″ to 57″.

leather guitar strap


3) Levy’s Deluxe Series – Price $159.99

Beautiful suede leather fringe guitar strap by Levy’s.  Levy’s has been making guitar straps since the 1970s, in Nova Scotia Canada.  They been in business for a long time and have a huge selection of leather guitar straps and high quality leather guitar gig-bags.



4) Michael James Dream Catcher Guitar Strap – Price $375

Beautiful leather guitar strap with a dream catcher design.  Very attractive design, hand tooled and hand sewn.  Made by hand in New Jersey.


5) Mandalevy Guitar Strap by Mandalevy DesignsPrice $80 + FREE SHIPPING!

Our favorite guitar strap, made by us in Los Angeles, California!  Genuine real leather, handmade and hand tooled. Has different adjustable sizes option via different belt adjustments.  Very comfortable and wide for either electric or acoustic guitar.  We been making these since 2012 and its a very popular seller in our shop.

Next day free fast shipping from Los Angeles – California.

leather guitar strap


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