Survive Valentines Day – Manual for Men

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Survive Valentines Day – Manual for Men


At this point, most men over the age of sixteen have discovered that Valentine’s Day is a present giving minefield. From the moment you see the date on the calendar, you are doomed for failure. Bracelets are perfect choice for valentines day and we sell varieties of leather bracelets from charm bracelets, to wrap bracelet to leather cuffs.

Here are the top numerous reasons why bracelets are the ultimate Valentine’s Day present ideas. If you plan to purchase jewelry for the woman in your life this Valentine’s Day, be cautious. If you are not engaged, that little velvet box looks very much like it could hold a diamond engagement ring. If you are married, then she’s hoping for the diamond anniversary band, diamond journey necklace, or the 2-carat diamond studs women’s magazines have conditioned her to want. It is unlikely you have purchased the thing she’s anticipating to see inside that box, so now you lose.

Here is how a conversation with her best friend will go the following day! Girlfriend: Therefore, John took me out to this magnificent restaurant last night. Best Friend: You are so lucky. He’s so romantic. Girlfriend: And after that he handed me this little velvet box. Best friend’s eyes widen with excitement: Oh my God, did he? Girlfriend shakes her head: It had been just a pair of emerald earrings. Best friend heaves a sigh, and mutters something disparaging about men. Save yourself the trouble and purchase a nice bracelet instead. Roses are lovely, and expensive, but for the same amount of cash, you can purchase a present that won’t rot and die a week later.

Sure, you could buy her a rose bush that won’t die, but now you have got to dig a hole, plant it in the yard, and care for it. An elegant bracelet won’t require anymore work on your part. If you are not married or engaged, then purchasing a female diamonds implies that you intend to continue buying her diamonds. Instead, buy her a charm bracelet. It says, I know you like to wear jewellery, so I purchased a nice bracelet for you. You win points because you showed you thought about her, but you have not locked yourself into anything, another win for you.

Apart from the hassle of getting Valentine’s Day reservations, driving to the restaurant, tipping everybody, and paying for an insanely expensive meal, a heavy dinner could lead to indigestion. Indigestion isn’t conducive to other popular Valentine’s Day activities. Rather than taking her to an expensive and crowded restaurant, order in and presenting her with a lovely jewellery box. Unless of course you eat the wood, it is guaranteed not to make you sick. You win bonus points if you cook for her.

Shop out collections of charm bracelets, wrap bracelets and leather cuffs. You’ll surely find the right gift for her. With free fast shipping and one size fit all – you can’t go wrong.

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