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Natural Bamboo Hand Bag

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Originated and used for men in late 1930’s in Japan.  Men going to their shifts on Japanese fishing boats would be carrying with them their natural wooden bamboo hand bag. Handmade by local Japanese artisans from natural stems, the bamboo hand bag was called a “picnic bag,”  as it was used mostly for carrying lunch. These bags were particularly durable and really lightweight, which made them a practical choice for the Japanese workmen.

Nowadays it’s a trendy stylish choice for women going to a day in the beach, weekend gateway, an island vacation in Hawaii or just a casual day in town.

This stylishly large Eco-friendly and lightweight bamboo bag is very well-made from all real natural bamboo, which makes it very sturdy. It is casual for daily use and large enough to fit everything you need to carry around with you for your busy day. The handle is comfortable so for any use. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves natural items!
We also carrying it in green, and with a square design.  This beautiful bag design with ancient history will never go out of style and as its very sturdy it will last you for a lifetime.  In other words, you can’t go wrong with this timeless style.
Item Features:
– Bamboo Hand Bag
– Handcrafted
– Lightweight
– Fashionable
– 12.6 x 10.6
– Natural Color
– Free Domestic Shipping.


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1 review for Natural Bamboo Hand Bag

  1. Susan

    Great bag. Shipped on time, would order again.

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